Buddhist Center Braunschweig
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Kramerstr. 18
38122 Braunschweig

Tel: +49 (531) 798601

Building clay statues in Braunschweig

The gompa and the altar in the Braunschweig Buddhist Center are provided with life-size clay statues. They were exclusively built in Braunschweig by statue builder Chhemet Rigzin together with his student Petra Förster. Those four statue are: 16th Karmapa, Buddha Shakyamuni, Chenrezig and Mahakala.

Statues and thangkas are inseparable from Tibetan Buddhism. They help us visualize the Buddha aspects in the meditation, thus  generating positive feedback in our mind.
Statues need to possess the attributes described in the meditation instructions und have to be made in accordance with defined standards in order to function accordingly. The transmission of how to build statues is very complex and is handed on from master to disciple. Since 2007 this knowledge is being passed on in the Buddhist Institute for Tibetan Art (BINTA). In close cooperation with Lama Ole Nydahl, statues made of unburnt clay have been built here for our Buddhist centers ever since.

Filling and blessing the statues

Buddhist statues that we use as objects of meditation function like a mirror for the qualities in our mind. While the perfectly crafted outer form of the statue represents Buddha´s enlightened body, the filling of the interior space stands for various aspects: mantra rolls represent Buddha´s  speech, relics, Lama pills and blessed substances represent Buddha´s enlightened mind. The lotus (the basis) of the statue is filled with various precious items which signify good wishes and enthusiastic effort for the good of all beings. Together with the “opening of the eyes“ and the final blessing by the teacher, the statue turns into a genuine blessing holder and can fully unfold its effect.
A statue that is filled and blessed has a lasting positive influence on the surrounding. That´s why it ´s really useful to take part in the filling of a traditional Buddhist statue. Hereby, not only the connection to the statue and the location will be strengthened,  but also the bonds amongst ourselves will be solidified on many levels.

How to take part in the filling of the statues in Braunschweig?

Our four statues are going to be filled in May 2017. Until then, the precious objects for the filling are being prepared. And here everybody can participate.
What is needed? Above all, we would like to invite you to share in the precious items and gifts for the filling. In doing so, we will strengthen our connections to and among each another.

Little treasures and gifts

  • Symbols of beauty: dried flowers and blossoms, shells, corals, pearls
  • Symbols of wealth: jewels, silver, gold, gemstones and half-precious stones, cristals, gold- and silver coins (no present currency), collector coins, amber.
  • Symbols of health: camphor, herbs and spices.
  • Symbols of pleasant smells: incense, saffron, essential oils.
  • Connection to Buddhism worldwide: some soil from blessed places, water from all oceans, empty gaus.

You can hand in your collected gifts at the BINTA stand on the German Buddhist Course during Easter 2017 in Kassel.

Or else mail them to: BINTA, Jasmin Motruk, Kramerstraße 18, 38122 Braunschweig, Germany

Cash donation
... can be transferred to the following bank account:
Buddhistische Zentren Mitte e.V.
IBAN: DE85 2707 0024 0260 2662 00
Intended purpose: Statuen füllen /statue filling

Last but not least, you are more than welcome to help us produce mantra rolls. Come and visit us in Braunschweig – every weekend we offer explanations for beginners and shared joyful making of mantra rolls for the advanced.

If you have questions, please contact us: statues-braunschweig@web.de